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Daikin Applied

Indoor & Outdoor Air Handlers, Air & Water Cooled Chillers, Coils, Condensing Units, Energy Recovery, Fan Coils, Modular Central Plants, Packaged Roof Top Units, Self Contained Units, Unit Ventilators, and Water Source Heat Pumps


Cooling Towers, Fluid Coolers, and Process Air Handlers

Fulton Boiler

High Mass Fire Tube Condensing Boilers, Steam Boilers, Electric Boilers, Natural Gas and #2 Oil Backup, and Custom Engineered Skid Systems


VRF systems, ductless splits, both air source and water source heat recovery and heat pump units

AERMEC Air Conditioning

Free Cooling Chillers, Partial and Heat Recovery Chillers, Modular Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers, and Specialty Fan Coil Units

Alfa Laval

Gasketed Plate and Braized Heat Exchangers

American Wheatley

ASME Expansion Tanks, Buffer Tanks, Air Seperators, Dirt Seperators, Valves, Flex, and Hydronic Accessories

Camus Hydronics

Fire Tube and Water Tube Condensing, Near Condensing, and Non Condensing Boilers


Ice Thermal Storage Systems

General Water Systems

WAVE Non-Chemical Water Treatment Systems, Low Head Cooling Tower Basin Sweeper Systems, Side Stream and Sand Filters, Chemical Pot Feeders, Custom Pump Skids and RO Filtration Systems

Griswold Controls

System Balancing Valves for Hydronic Heating and Chilled Water Applications.  Motorized Control Valves, BTU Meters, Pressure Independent,  Automatic Balancing, Manual Balancing Valves, and Coil Connection Hook-up Kits


Scotch Marine, Firebox, Vertical Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Custom Engineered Skid Packages

Lockwood Products

Deaerator Systems, Boiler Feed Systems, Condensate Return Systems, and Accessories for Steam Boilers

Mason Industries

Seismic Restraints, Spring Isolation, Isolation Bases and Curbs, Floating Floors, Flex Connectors, Expansion Joints, Pipe Hangers and Engineering Assistance


Heat Recovery Chillers, Medical Chillers, and Free Cooling Chillers

Patterson Pumps

Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Inline, End Suction, and Close-Coupled Pumps

ST Johnson

Replacement Burners, Ultra Low-NOx Burners,  Dual Fuel, Oil or Gas

Sterling Hydronics

Finned Tube Heaters, Radiant Panel Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, and Unit Heaters


Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Pump Skids, Booster Pump Stations, Air Separators, Air and Dirt Separators, and Hydronic Accessories


Pressure Gages, Temperature Gages, Thermometers, and Thermowells


Vertical Multi-Stage, ECM Circulators, Booster Stations, Submersible, Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Inline, End Suction, and Close-Coupled Pumps


Variable Frequency Drives 1/2 - 500 Horse Power

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