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Award-Winning Daikin Applied Pathfinder® Air-Cooled Chiller Most Efficient on the Market

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The Pathfinder is the most efficient machine on the market today – the first air-cooled screw chiller with IPLVs capable of exceeding 22 IEER. It also includes an array of features that optimize sound, and deliver the lowest turndown in flow and highest leaving chilled water capabilities. And the Pathfinder is 100% configurable, customized to meet the size and performance needs of each application. Available from 100 to 565 tons, Pathfinder is a fit for a broad range of applications. Pathfinder has received recognition from numerous organizations, including the AHR Innovation Award and Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award; it was also voted among the best new products for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s Product of the Year awards.

With an IPLV rating that exceeds 22 EER, Pathfinder exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Path A baseline efficiency levels by more than 60%, and beats all other air-cooled screw chillers on the market when it comes to efficiency. Featuring Daikin’s proprietary Variable Volume Ratio (VVR®) compressor technology, Pathfinder senses the precise amount of lift needed and adjusts the compression ratio on the fly to deliver optimal efficiency, regardless of ambient temperature or time of day. Combined with fully-variable-speed ECM fan motors, the Pathfinder delivers top efficiency and minimizes cost of ownership, as an ever-growing cohort of Pathfinder owners can attest.

The integrated waterside economizer (Free Cooling System) option adds fluid-to-air heat exchanger coils in series with the airflow of the primary chiller condenser coils in order to reject heat to the outdoor air without the need for vapor compression cooling. This type of cooling is possible when the outdoor air temperature is colder than cooling fluid temperature requirements.

Daikin offers among the quietest unattenuated air-cooled screw chillers. Unlike some screw chillers that get louder as they unload, Daikin chillers get quieter, thanks to variable speed compressors and ECM condenser fans. While performance is maximized in real-time as conditions vary, the compressor’s single rotor design and built-in muffler reduces noise and vibration resulting in neighborhood friendly sound levels at all load points. With AHRI-370 full load sound pressure levels as low as 66 dBA, and part load levels as low as 54 dBA, quieter than a typical conversation, you can count on Pathfinder to deliver comfort quietly.

As the first fully configurable air-cooled screw chiller unit in the industry, Pathfinder’s flexible design and component options allow you to balance price and performance to best meet your requirements. You can create your Pathfinder to more closely match the job requirements, reducing installation and operating costs. By dialing in performance, you never end up with a chiller that is too big or too small. You choose what’s important and valuable to your project and building.

To find out more about Daikin’s Pathfinder Air-Cooled Chillers and how to implement them, please contact us.

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