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Samsung VRF System Provides Efficiency and Comfort through Ultimate Zoning Solution

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems consist of outdoor units connected to multiple indoor units via refrigerant piping to provide cooling and heating to individual zones. The outdoor units can modulate capacity based on the requirements of the individual zones, thus saving energy by not always running at 100% capacity and improving occupant comfort by maintaining temperature as needed in each individual zone.

DVM S systems feature flash injection compressor technology that increases heating performance with a two-phase refrigerant that is activated during heating mode in low ambient conditions and are designed to operate from 120°F (49°C) ambient to as low as -13°F (-25°C).

Samsung DVM S systems allow for precise temperature control in multiple zones, providing comfort to a wide range of occupants. Heat Recovery systems add the capability to heat and cool separate zones simultaneously.

Small outdoor unit footprints allow for installation in applications where space is limited, such as on crowded rooftops, or in tight mechanical closets and offer installation flexibility with extended piping length up to 722 ft., vertical separation up to 361 ft. between the outdoor unit and furthest indoor unit, and 164 ft. between the highest and lowest indoor units.

To find out more about Samsung’s VRF System and how to implement it, please contact us.

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